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Fish supermarkets and stores Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa»

Area huge choice of fish products and accompanying goods. There are fish delicacies, sun-dried fish, cold- and hot-smoked fish, live fish, salt-cured fish, chilled fish, fish delicatessen, freshly-cooked sushi, fish caviar of different kinds.

Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa» is a catch not only for gourmets, but for newcomers to a culinary art as well. For example, a supermarket in Kyiv is a huge trading pavilion with a total area of 1900 sq.m. where one can buy not only seafood, but also accompanying products, i.e. juice, tea, carbonated soft drinks, goods for sushi making, seasonings, bread and flour products as well.  

The products of solely natural origin are presented at the supermarkets. One could be sure that the in-house manufactured products presented in the windows and counters of the fish store are 100% organic origin products with no harmful additives or colorings. The shelf life of such products is short namely due to the absence of any preservatives.

Fish and seafoods are supplied frozen or chilled within the shortest period and are processed in the domestic production hall. In-house manufactured products include tidbits, vacuum-packed light-salted salmon, salads, grilled fish and sushi.

Should one need to buy seafood to meet the needs of a café, a restaurant or a privately-owned store, we are always at one’s service. Production and warehousing capacities of our fish supermarket in Kyiv enable the wholesale trade of our seafoods.

Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa» are fish supermarkets in Vyshneve, Vita Pochtovaya , Stoyanka and Dnepropetrovsk where one can not only buy fish and seafoods for dinner, order grilled fish cooked in one’s presence, but watch the process of making sushi, have a delicious snack at the “Esenin” café, drink a cup of aromatic coffee.

The fish supermarket situated in Vyshneve, Vita Pochtovaya and Stoyanka, are equipped with a spacious parking. Also you can make use of services of “ZLATOBANK” as well.

We wish you a pleasant shopping and delicious fish dishes! May every day of the week be a fish day!