A new partnership project of fish supermarket chain Fish World “Okeania” and ASMI with the support of US Embassy in Ukraine

October 31st, 2014 FISH WORLD “OKEANIA” LTD together with ASMI Company and US Embassy in Ukraine will be holding a press conference marking the start of the common promotional presentation of Alaska’s fish and seafood. The same day all guests of the fish supermarket FISH WORLD “OKEANIA” will be able to take part in products tasting.

Common promo of FW “OKEANIA” and ASMI supported by US Embassy in Ukraine will go on from October 31, 2014 till December 18, 2014.  During this project fish supermarkets in the Region of Kyiv will give their visitors a chance not only to purchase high quality Alaska seafood but also to obtain souvenirs and participate in the final draw of the main prize from ASMI.

The participants of the press conference: diplomatic corps of the US Embassy in Ukraine, representatives of ASMI and Fish World “OKEANIA”.

Date and time of the event: October 31, 2014 at 12:00

Place of the event: supermarket Fish World “OKEANIA”, Stoyanka Village, 10 Kyivska str. (21st km of Zhytomyr highway).

Transfer services are available from Zhytomyrskaya metro station on October 31 at 11.00 (Transfer details will be updated).

Contact person on accreditation and additional information:
Liubava Zavalskaya
Mob.: 050 384 34 03
e-mail: l.zavalska@yandex.ru

For information:

Fish supermarkets and stores Fish World “OKEANIA” offer a great variety of seafood and accompanying products. You can choose from fish delicacies, sun-dried fish, cold- and hot-smoked fish, live fish, frozen fish, chilled fish, salt-cured fish, fish cookery, freshly-cooked sushi, fish caviar of different kinds.

Fish World “OKEANIA” fish supermarkets and stores are available in Vyshneve, Stoyanka, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv. Next month Fish World “OKEANIA” will open a new supermarket in Vita-Poshtova.

When you visit Fish World “OKEANIA” you can be sure that you purchase a product of 100% organic origin with no harmful additives or colorings.

The ASMI (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute) is a partnership of governmental and private fish industry companies of the Alaska State. The institute plays a major role in promoting Alaska seafood in the US and other countries and firmly placing it on the world market.

ASMI mission is to increase consumption of the precious Alaska seafood by raising brand awareness and active long-term marketing planning.

All the information concerning fish supermarket chain FISH WORLD “OKEANIA” you can find at our web-site www.rybnyisvit.com