On March 28, 2014, an official presentation of Canadian seafood was held

On March 28, 2014, Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa» LLC, together with the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine held an official presentation of Canadian seafood imported to the Ukrainian market.

The programme of the presentation on ‘Canada-Ukraine Partnership in Seafood Supplies’ included  tasting of Canadian fish and seafood, namely hakes, flounders, shrimps, lobsters and red caviar.

The event was attended by the diplomats and staff of the US, Canadian, Argentinian, and Norwegian Embassies to Ukraine.

On the day of tasting the guests and customers of Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa» were offered printed leaflets with some information about Canadian fish and seafood as well as a couple of simple recipes.  

Photo report:

Speech of Clinton Martin – Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine

Speech of Randall J.Hager (centre) – Agricultural Attache at the U.S. Embassy to Ukraine

Speech of German Dominguez – Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Argentina to Ukraine

Speech of О.V.Zinenko - Operations Director at Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa»

Speech of О.О. Shevtsova – Director at the Ribnyi Svіt «Okeanіa» hypermarket in Stoianka Village






Canadian fish and seafood: